Sunday, September 2, 2007

A- for creativity

The inspiration came from a prank pulled off in 2004 by Yale students during a Yale-Harvard game. The effort made to pull off a similar one at a Hilliard OH football game last week did not go unnoticed.

Kyle Garchar, a senior at Hilliard Davidson High School stated that he spent at least 20 hours over three days planning to pull it off. The video, taken in the third quarter of the game, was posted later on YouTube. He thanked the 800 Hilliard Darby High School supporters at the end of the video for their help in pulling off the prank.

"It couldn't have been without you," reads the closing frame of the video.

What Garchar did sounds quite simple but what he discovered was that it was much more difficult than he had thought. Darby supporters held up black or white placards thinking they would be spelling out "Go Darby" when in fact, they spelled out, "We suck."

Garchar stated that it was tedious setting up the grid and planning where the cards would be placed to spell it out. Davidson students though, can't seem to stop talking about the "ultimate in-your-face" prank. Darby won the game though, 21-10.

John Bandow, Davidson Principal told the students that he expected them to show sportsmanship at the game. He gave Garchar and two students who had helped him, three days on in-school suspension and banned them from extracurricular activities for a semester.

"We just thought it was all in good fun," stated Jen Trimmer, one of the students involved.

It may have not been the best example of sportsmanship but nobody was hurt by the prank. I don't believe that it should have been dealt with as severely as it was for the three students, it was creative, took a lot of planning and nothing but a little school pride could have been injured by it. I certainly would have given them an A-, only because it had been done before, laughed along with the many others who probably did when they saw the sign and possibly had them picking trash for the town for an afternoon as punishment.

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