Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hop aboard mom's taxi

The Fulton County GA police have arrested at least 25 teens and more arrests are possible. It seems that they may be linked to at least one hundred home break-ins over the past several months.

Most of the break-ins have occured in newer subdivisions off of Camp Creek Parkway outside the I-295 Perimeter during the middle of the day, when people are at work generally. Police state that the juveniles are basically kicking in the doors or entering through unlocked ones and looking for any kind of electronics and guns, things they can get easy cash for at a pawn shop or on the street.

In one break-in January, the victim had a surveillance camera and was home during the robbery. The cameras showed four young people outside, preparing to break in. One of them repeatedly rang the doorbell while the others walked around the house, attempting to see if anyone was home. It then shows one of them kicking in the locked front door and the youths ran inside to steal a couple of large screen TVs, a gun and anything else they could carry to a waiting pickup truck. Not only was it caught on video but a woman was inside, hiding after seeing what was on the video screens and she called 911.

"We did find where the mother was actually contributing to the burglaries in the area," stated Fulton County Police Captain Brian Weaver.

Weaver identified the mom involved as a "person of interest" and they are now seeking her after her 12 year-old son was arrested. Lakechia Woodward, 36, is said to have possibly driven the kids and a car full of stolen merchandise, to a pawn shop in the West End of Atlanta. Woodward, whose's nickname is Kiki or Kee-Kee, is five foot two inches tall and weighs between 130 and 150 pounds. She has an arrest record that includes charges of fraud and was not at her last known address when police went to interview her.

Now I can understand how parents easily get caught up driving their kids from one after school activity to another but this certainly is taking it to an extreme. I would find it hard to believe that she may have thought it was legal part-time work for these kids.

Of note: anyone who may know where Lakechia, "Kiki" Woodward is, contact the Fulton County Police @ 404-699-4210

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