Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's not winemaking

He spotted some of the food preparation in August and took some pictures to warn others about how the food was handled. Now, that same chinese restaurant has been cited with two violations by the Rockland County Health Department.

"We would not consider a person's shoe a proper instrument to use in food preparation," stated John Stoughton, senior public health sanitarian.

Dan Barreto, who works at the AT&T store next door to the Great China Buffet in Nanuet NY spotted the worker out back one day. He took the photos of the worker with a large metal container apparently filled with garlic and the worker wearing sneakers or boots, with one foot in it. Barreto stated that it looked as though the worker was crushing the garlic by foot, much like the winemakers have crushed grapes for wine for centuries.

He stated that he watched as the man was jumping with around on the garlic, using both feet. He took the pictures and sent them along with a complaint to the Rockland County Health Department, which received it August 30 2007. They dispatched an inspector to the restaurant the next day and were told by store owner Jiang Shu that worker was new and had been fired already. He added that the garlic had been thrown out and not served to customers. Shu also demonstrated for the inspectors how they usually crush garlic, by placing it in a plastic bag and using a utensil to pound it.

The restaurant was issued two violations for improper food preparation and will be inspected again. Records indicate that there have been complaints in the past by diners of uncleanliness, rat droppings and bug sightings but they have not recently received any fines. They had been fined $1,700 for unsanitary conditions in 2001 and one inspection report dated May 26 2005, inspector George Aklu wrote that a worker had tried to prevent him physically from entering the kitchen area.

I do have to agree, a picture is worth a thousand words and in this case, I'm glad I haven't eaten there in the past.

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