Thursday, September 20, 2007

Honey, I'll be with "the guys"

"Over my dead body was I going to give the state another dollar for the tolls," stated Jensen.

Thomas Jensen, 68, of Braintree MA, was driving to his New Hampshire summer home when he attempted to pay the toll with his NH tokens. The toll worker refused to accept them and the state trooper at the plaza told him just to give the employee 50 cents.

Jensen had purchased the tokens before they had been phased out by the state of New Hampshire in January 2006. He told the trooper who wanted him to pay 50 cents rather than the two tokens that had no value now, that he had paid...... with the tokens. He ended up receiving a citation for not paying the toll.

It was this Monday, September 10 2007, that Jensen had his day in court of the difference in token opinions. The judge told Jensen that he had a choice of three days in jail, community service or a $150 fine for his conviction of theft of services for continueing to use the phased out tokens.

Jensen is a man of his word because he did the three days in jail rather than accept either other sentencing option. He told The Patriot Ledger after his release, that the jail was a new, clean facility and the food was better than he had expected. He added that he spent his time there talking with the other inmates.

It was after his release on Thursday, that he stated that he was considering a lawsuit against the state in regards to his now worthless tokens. It also was when his wife found out from a television news reporter, that he had been in jail the last three days.

Not only does it seem that Jensen is a man of his word but I am just guessing here but I think the state must have spent more than $150 to keep him housed, fed and enjoying the company of his new friends.

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