Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Take a hint from the sand shark

When 74 year-old Bruce Ferraro walked out of a store at the South Shore Mall in Bay Shore NY this past Saturday, September 8, he had no idea he was being followed. The man intent on targeting the older, "easy mark" evidently forgot where he was as well.

Ferraro stated that he got into his car and the other man aproached his vehicle and began pounding on the window, demanding cash. Instead of just rolling down the window, handing out the cash and giving into the man's demands, authorities state that the suspect got more than he bargained for.

"What, are you kidding me?" stated Ferraro, who then got out of his car.

The mugger then demanded that Ferraro hand over his wallet and threatened him with a tire iron while calling him an "old man." Evidently, the mugger had chosen the wrong man to call old because at that point, Ferraro grabbed the tire iron and the two wrestled over it until Ferraro won the battle.

At that point it seems, the "would-be" robber realized he had indeed picked the wrong "old man" and he ran to his car to escape. This obiviously wasn't his day for "easy money" because he stalled his car as he attempted to drive away and ended up fleeing on foot. Ferraro in the meantime, helped police to identify the suspect.

The 32 year-old man was later arrested Saturday, at his West Babylon NY home. He has been charged with attempted robbery and was being held on $10,000 bail in Riverhead.

Det Sgt Thomas Groneman, of the Suffolk County Police Department, stated that Ferraro had done a good job of disarming his assailant but added that he would not suggest others attempt it. Ferraro it seems kept his dignity and cash and only suffered a scrape on his wrist. The suspect though will probably have a bit of time to brag to his new buddies in the pen about how he couldn't even rip-off an "old man."

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