Thursday, September 6, 2007

It's all equal, not really

"Michael's T-shirt was also covered in Cheeto dust." stated the police report.

I know that sounds like a huge problem in such a peaceful and serene world. It evidently wasn't the case in Des Moines Iowa, Sunday, September 2 2007, for Michael Hamman.

Michael's son Patrick, 22, who lives with him, admitted to police that he was on methamphetamine when he had the argument with with his father. Things got a bit out of hand it seems and Patrick hurled a bag of Cheetos at his father. Police stated that the bag hit Michael's glasses and caused a cut on the bridge of his nose..... and yes, the Cheeto dust mess.

Police state that Patrick was then arrested and charged with domestic assault, I can only guess in the intersts of upholding the law and preventing Patrick from thinking that next argument, he should find a more deadly weapon.

Police in Greenlawn NY though, had a bit different case on their hands September 3 2007. Suffolk County police were dispatched to Oberlon Dr for a serious motor vehicle accident.

Kate Porto, 84, was walking along Oberlon Dr by her home at approximately 7:55 pm when a car driven by a neighbor, Bradley Dorman, 48, drove by. Dorman evidently spilled a cup of coffee at that time and became "distracted." That distraction led him to veer off the road, hit a mailbox and Porto.

Kate Porto was taken to Huntington Hospital where she was pronounced dead a short time later. Police stated that Dorman was issued a traffic summons for failing to exercise due care while operating a motor vehicle.

Now I have to admit that I am a bit confused........... Patrick hurls a bag of Cheetos at his father and is charged with assault. Dorman dumps a coffee in his lap, is "distracted" by what must have been a fairly warm sensation on his private parts, assaults a mailbox and a woman fatally... and gets a traffic citation? I am pretty sure that Patrick would have had a heck of a time causing serious harm to his father, even if he had tried to repeatedly assault him with a bag of Cheetos. Dorman on the other hand, used one car to fatally "assault" a woman.

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