Sunday, September 16, 2007

Make way for the trainwreck....

It seems that word has leaked that Britney Spears may lose custody of her two sons, as early as tomorrow. Los Angeles attorney Gloria Allred evidently is bringing the "secret" witness who could could make that happen.

Allred has already filed a signed declaration from this witness, who is described only as a man who's had close observation of Spears behavior with her kids. Commissioer Scott Gordon, the judge hearing the closed custody hearing, reportedly has the declaration and doesn't have to rule on it. He can choose to enter it as evidence, since it is considered testimony or the witness could in fact appear in court if Spears's side wants to cross examine.

The reports are that this witness has observed Spears's drug usage in her home and in front to her two sons. It has also been said that Spears and her attorney, Laura Wasser, know the witness's name and he is not a drug dealer, he is just someone concerned about the children.

That could be just about anyone though, who isn't close to either Spears or Federline. For months, people have watched the continuing trainwreck that has occured with both of them. At the moment though, Federline may have a slight advantage, though I don't feel he is any better a parent than Britney.

Federline is the ex-dancer who left his then girlfriend pregnant with his second child, to marry Britney. In the time he has been with Brit, it seems that the only employment he has had, other than a money-sucking attempt at a rap career, has been to spend Britney's money. He hasn't given up his partying and money spending to find a stable job and care for his boys. He has though, managed to listen to at least one person.. someone who explained that the gravey train was ending soon unless he got the boys and a hefty support check.

As for Britney.......... the trainwreck that her life has become in the past months is of her doing. I am sure that I am not the only person who is surprized that her two boys have made it this long. Both of them still party to the wee hours, though Brit just doesn't seem to "get it." She has to do it publically where more than a few people can observe behavior rumored to be exactly what is reported the "secret" witness has testified to.

If Britney does lose custody of her boys, it is her fault but I find it a large stretch to say that her unemployed, partying ex hubby Federline, is a much better parent......... at the moment, he may be marginally better.

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