Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's a "specialty" breed.......

Someone at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta GA was pretty sharp Tuesday, September 25 2007. The "dog" that had landed on a flight from Germany and headed to Guatemala it seems, wasn't one of those fancy new breeds at all.

Customs agents stated that it appeared that a passenger had brought the horse onto the plane trying to make it appear that it was a dog. The owner of the horse didn't have the proper permits and the carrier it was in, was deemed to be too small for it. They did take the horse out of the crate to feed it hay and water and have it's health checked.

Miniature horses are found worldwide and come in many colors and patterns of coat. They are designated as miniature by their height, generally less than 34-38 inches at the withers. Animals similar to them were described as being in the court of King Louis the XIV in 1650 and they kept as exotic pets.

They are known to be friendly and interact well with people and for that reason, they are kept as family pets. They had also been used centuries ago as work animals and they adapt well to the jobs of assistance and service animals, like guide dogs. With an average lifespan of 25 to 35 years, they can work as a service animal much longer than dogs that are more commonly seen in that job.

The Department of Agriculture said that they would issue a report of violation to both the horse's owner and the airlines. Officials added that arrangements are being made for the horse to continue on it's trip in a proper container.

I do know that there are many new designer breeds of pets being bred each decade but to mistake a mini-horse for a dog..... that is a big stretch I think. I would think that the first time it whinnied, that would have been a big clue that it wasn't a dog on it's way to the plane.

For a slide show of the horse, go here.

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