Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The nation stopped..............

Where were you when the nation stopped in horror................... disbelieving the news reports, watching in silence the live pictures of the destruction.

That one day that threatened so much and yet, brought out so much from so many............... September 11 2001.

Hijacked flights American Airlines 11 and United Airlines 175, with 157 passengers and crew were flown into the two tallest World Trade Center towers that morning. The world watched as they both collapsed.............

The south tower, 2 WTC collapsed at 9:59 am EST.

The north tower, 1 WTC followed at 10:28 am EST.

In all, 2,595 people in and near the two towers perished that day, including everyone on the two planes.

The same day, hijacked American Airlines flight 77 was flown into the Pentagon killing all on board and over 100 within the building. The hijacked United Airlines flight 93 never made it to whatever destination had been planned for it that day. Heroic passengers led to the crashing of the plane 2 miles north of Shanksville PA, sparing countless other lives while losing their own.

Where were you that day?

Where will you be today between 9:30 and 10:40?

Will you take a moment to pause, remember those who died, remember those who "stepped up to the plate" that day just because they are Americans?

Remember that despite the horror of that day, our nation still stands strong.

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