Monday, September 10, 2007

Now that is cooking!

TV Chef Gordon Ramsay explained his rather painful, recent kitchen experience on Tuesday, September 4th to the event attendees. He was there to receive a Best Chef gong at the GQ Men of the Year awards when he told the crowd what happened.

Evidently, Ramsay cooked something he hadn't planned to ever put on any menu and he was rushed to London's private Cromwell Hospital. As he explained........ he was too close to the hob the other day when he was cooking.

Well, I could assume, cooking, hot grease, splatters... those can all add up to a painful experience. That was not the case for Ramsay, as he added, he was wearing cotton trousers and was "commando" underneath them.

"Then suddenly I felt a searing heat - my b***s were burning," stated Ramsay.

It was immediately after roasting his private parts, that Ramsay, star of the F-Word and Hell's Kitchen was rushed to the hospital. I am going to take him at his word though, as to not knowing how much that hurts....... I don't have an idea of how much it does.

Ramsay is not the first celebrity chef to roast his sensitive parts. Jamie Oliver burned himself in 2004, in the same area, while cooking a Valentine's meal for his wife, nude. I don't want to even imagine how close you have to be to a stove, to burn yourself with it, without being able to blame a hot liquid.

H/T to Neil at fishbowlNY

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