Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's mine....

O J Simpson is back in the headlines but lurking on the sidelines seems to be the ever-present, Goldman family. The basics of his arrest seem to be very simple but as more evidence surfaces, that may not be the case.

Simpson is still being held in jail following his very public arrest in Las Vegas this past weekend. On Tuesday, September 18 2007, Walter Alexander, 46, has also been charged with the same crimes as Simpson for his participation in the incident, stated that it is his belief that it was all a setup. He stated that the dealer who had tipped Simpson off about the items also was the one who had recorded the entire encounter.

Simpson is being held without bail at the Clark County Detention Center on six felonies, including two counts of robbery with use of a deadly weapon. There are witnesses who have stated that they did not believe he had a gun but that some of the men with him did.

What seems interesting to me, is that David Cook, attorney for Goldman, believes that the request they plan to file in Superior Court Tuesday will be in their favor. Goldman once again is on the path to get whatever money he can from Simpson to fulfill the $33.5 million wrongful death settlement they had won. It is reported that the Goldman family wants to have the disputed memorablia turned over to them.

While I do believe they have every right to gain money from Simpson, I don't understand how they feel that these items should automatically be awarded to them. They are allowed by law to file for them but if they in fact belong to others, that is where they should be returned. Mr Goldman won a large settlement against Simpson and has dogged him for years to gain any money he can from the man, however, his recent publishing of the book he called horrible and now this move......... I think it just shows how desperate he is to grub for money.

The items may have once belonged to Simpson but unless he can prove they were not gained rightfully, the Goldman family has no right to receiving them. At the rate Goldman is going, I would not be surprized to read that he was filing suit against the "Simpsons" program possibly because O J may actually profit in some bizarre way from the title.

It has been reported that Fred Goldman is entitled to receive Simpson's watch but Goldman must also request each item individually. The judge will rule on those filings by next Tuesday or sooner. Superior Court Judge Gerald Rosenberg did deny Goldman's latest attempt to to grab Simpson's earnings from everything from autograph signings to videogames. Simpson's attorney stated at a news conference afterwards, that the Goldman family has refused Simpson's attempts to set up a payment scheduale, while Cook suggested that the idea that Goldman and Simpson could sign such an agreement is "repulsive."

I find that odd that a dignified, legal payment plan is repulsive, yet the publishing of Simpson's "repulsive" book isn't? Are we next going to be treated to the Goldman's trying to seize his garbage or dirty socks in an attempt to sell them and pocket the money. Simpson was not found guilty of the death of their son, Ron and no amount of money from Simpson will ever bring him back.

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Update: posted September 19

A judge today set bail for O J Simpson at $125,000 after reading the now 11 charges against him. His has and arraignment date for the week of October 22 2007.

The statement that this may have been a set up is not helped I believe now that the "victims" have spoken out. Tom Riccio, the man who made the recording and is said to have sold that tape to the Web site, seems to have been the middleman who brought the two parties together. The Los Angeles Times has reported that court records show Riccio has an extensive crimial history which includes grand larceny in Florida, possession of stolen goods in Connecticut and receiving stolen property in California.

Alfred Beardsley stated that he had been contacted last month by Riccio, would told him that he had a client who wanted to buy some high-end Simpson memorabilia and would pay top dollar for them. Bearsley added that Bruce Fromong provided him with a list of items he could provide to Beardsley for that sale.

Riccio then called Simpson and told him that Beardsley and Fromong had the items and the two agreed to go to the hotel room together. He stated he was shocked when Simpson showed up with all the other men and that he had recorded the incident because he had "problems" before.

As for the Goldman's believing all these items are their property, I agree with the judge, first they have to prove that they belong to Simpson and not anyone else before they can get their hands on them. The rumor that this may have been a set up........just on the surface, things look a bit fishy to me

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