Sunday, September 9, 2007

He'd better sign my yearbook now......

On September 4 2007, an unidentified Deltona FL girl told police that a boy who lived nearby, opened the sliding door to her house. He ran inside and stated that he was playing hide and seek with his friends and he was looking for a place to hide.

While this may be a bit unsettling, kids will be kids at times. This boy though, ran in naked and had no real explanation as to why he was playing this "version" of the game. She stated to police that the boy rode the same bus as her and she went a step further, she identified him from his picture in her yearbook.

The young man was arrested and turned over to juvenile authorities. He is now facing charges of burglary of an occupied dwelling and exposure of sexual organs.

I do wonder though, was his yearbook photo also naked and will he write something sweet in her yearbook now?

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