Friday, September 14, 2007

Higher education

Going to a university is the next step in increasing your knowledge and skills and two students recently have taken that big step. They have learned that sometimes, advertising can be a very good thin..

In their case though, when you are advertising pot for sale, it can be not such a good idea. A pair of Northeastern University MA students have learned that the hard way recently. Police state that one of the pair, leaned out of a dorm window and announced to a woman that they were selling pot. Unfortunately for them, two plain clothes Boston police officers in the building overheard them.

A police search of the dorm room turned up alcohol, drug paraphernalia and four ounces of marijuana. A spokeswoman for Northeastern stated that the students have been kicked out of the college and the two former freshmen are due in court next month to face drug and other charges.

It would seem that this pair has quickly learned what a "bad" advertising campaign can do to you.

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